NSE Products

INTERKAL Telescopic Bleachers

Bleachers Industry Leading Selection of Products:

  • Telescopic bleachers
  • Telescopic platform seating with auto-folding chairs
  • Stadium Seating

Demonstrably the best available:

  • Fully automatic features
  • Lowest maintenance in industry
  • Highest quality
  • Long term reliable performance

See more examples at the Interkal Website
or view the video below, an example of Interkal's fully Automatic Self Storing Aisle Rails


Indoor High Performance Seating

basketball court Audience Systems

High Performance seating for education, sports, theater, and arenas.

Products include:

  • Retractable Seating
  • Fixed Tiering
  • Removable Seating

See more examples at Audience Systems


Outdoor Aluminum Bleachers

basketball court American Aluminum Seating, Inc.

Products include:

  • Angle framed Aluminum bleachers
  • Tip and roll aluminum bleachers
  • Aluminum players benches

See more examples at the American Aluminum Seating, INC.


Athletic Equipment

basketball court Performance Sports Systems

Products include:

  • Overhead and wall mounted backstops
  • Volleyball systems
  • Gym divider curtains
  • Wrestling mat hoists
  • Wall pads

See more examples at the Performance Sports Systems Website



List Superior Lockers

lockers Products include:

  • Corridor Lockers
  • PE Lockers
  • Athletic Lockers
  • All Welded Full Frame Construction
  • All Welded Unibody Construction
  • Standard KD Lockers
  • Plastic Lockers

Contact NSE for assistance in design, layout and specification.
See more at the List Industries Website


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